WSU Entomology – Decision Aid System

We talk with David Crowder, an associate professor of Entomoloy at WSU to learn how they use the Decision Aid System to forecast insect and plant populations to help farmers prepare for the season ahead. 

WSU Potato Field Day

Making excellent potatoes grow and thrive takes research and hard work. Watch how it all comes together during Washington State University's annual Potato Field Day. 

JM Farms

Jordan and Mia Reed are teaching their kids about spuds - and about life - on the family farm. Read the full story on Washington Grown Magazine.

Unique Potato Varieties

We catch up with the Washington Potato Commission and check out some new and amazing potato varieties being bred in Washington.

Professional Ag Services - Infrared Aerial Photography

How is infrared technology being used on farms? Check out this video and find out the amazing ways that farmers are using this technology to be more sustainable.

Dr. Maureen Story - Alliance for Potato Research and Education

Learn what the Alliance does and get the facts about potatoes and potato nutrition.