WSPC French Fry Madness Challenge

Mar 25, 2013

Thanks to the NCAA tournament, what we like to refer to as bracket week is here.  Now while most of us are trying to figure out how far our favorite teams will make it in this year’s tournament, another set of match ups had us debating.  No, not about who has the best bracket but about french fries.   The debate we had was centered around which style of french fries are the best.  One thing was for sure, the passion in the room for this discussion exceeded the level we had for our own NCAA brackets.

So we need your help.  Although it wasn’t easy we narrowed it down to eight different french fry styles that will compete in our french fry bracket.  Each day we will post a match up on our Facebook page and then our Facebook friends will help us decide.  The style that receives the most likes compared to its counterpart will move on to the next round.

Below is our bracket.  So take a look and make sure you and your friends are ready to help your favorite style move on to the next round.  When the competition is over, the Washington State Potato Commission will donate one pound of the winning variety for every like it received to Second Harvest.   So get ready and vote for this year’s WSPC’s french fry challenge.



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