Win 10,001 Bags of Potato Chips!

Feb 14, 2014

National Potato Chip Day is one month away and what better way to celebrate than with some of your dearest family and friends? We want to make that day a little extra special for one lucky person. In honor of National Potato Chip Day, the WSPC is giving away 10,001 bags of potato chips to one of our Facebook fans. The drawing will occur Friday March 14, 2014, on National Potato Chip Day.

How does someone win? Well, it’s simple; all you have to do is to make sure you “like” the Washington State Potato Commission Facebook page and then also “share” the contest announcement post with your friends. If you have done both, you will automatically be entered into a random drawing for the over 10,000 bags of potato chips.

The biggest question might be what would you do with over 10,000 bags of potato chips? That is a lot of potato chips, 625 pounds to be exact. OK, but who really has 10,000 friends that they could share the potato chips with? The Economist reports that the average person has 120 friends on Facebook. So here are some ideas for what to do with the remaining 9,880 bags of potato chips. You could:

• Donate the rest to a food bank; snacks are often the first thing people give up when times are tight

• Give the remaining bags to a local high school sports concession stand for resale

• Open each bag looking for that one potato chip that looks like the face of President Nixon. Then sell that President Nixon potato chip on eBay and retire from the proceeds

• Take time to drop off a few cases at a veteran’s hospital.

• Create a blog and share with everyone what you are doing with the potato chips

• Eat one bag a day for 27 years

• Bring a smile to strangers by standing on a street corner and giving them away to people passing by

• Pile them in your living room and call the producers from that “Hoarding” TV show.

• Host the biggest Final Four party ever!

• Never have to worry about what to get a friend for birthdays or anniversaries

• Connect with long lost relatives as they resurface in your life when they hear you won

• Challenge Joey Chestnut and Kobayashi to a potato chip eating competition

• Always considered adding on to your house? …now would be a good time

What would you do with over 10,000 bags of potato chips? Make sure you let us know.

Since there is nothing quite like the thrill of victory, make sure that you also get all of your friends to enter too because in this competition if they win; you win.



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