Potatoes and Environment

Potato growers throughout Washington state are working in concert with the environment.  Our growers are leading the industry in identifying ways to protect the land, water, and air so their fields and our lives can be as healthy as possible.

Today Washington state potato growers are using less water than ever before to grow some of the highest yield producing harvests.  They are incorporating the use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) that uses decision based tactics to target only the harmful pests when needed to avoid the broad spectrum use of pesticides.  Growers are using technology like never before that allows them to use machinery as efficiently as possible to help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.  In addition, our region is fortunate to have clean sources of energy generation.  All of these elements combine to keep our state’s growers carbon footprint lower and yields higher than other regions of the world.

These innovative steps and the many others they are taking, show the passion Washington state potato growers have for the environment.  Their efforts demonstrate their desire to ensure Washington grown potatoes are a sustainable commodity for generations to come.  By doing so they are assured our industry will continue to benefit future communities and affordably and nutritiously help feed our world’s growing population.