2013 Season Comes to a Close

Dec 10, 2013

The 2013 potato harvest season has come to an end and this year the potato growers throughout Washington grew approximately 160,000 acres of potatoes. Washington provides the ideal combination of sun, water, and mineral-rich soil to provide the perfect conditions for growing potatoes. If you took every potato grown in Washington and packed them in standard 50 lb. cartons and then laid them end-to-end they would stretch over 55,000 miles. That is more than twice around the Earth.


That is a lot of potatoes and in Washington we grow more potatoes per-acre than any other place in the world. This fall we had a chance to take a few different groups around Washington’s potato fields and farms to help them see firsthand the efforts our growers take to provide a healthy food in the most environmentally sustainable manner. Groups came from far and near and in the end everyone was able to connect with our local growers and just see how Washington’s potato farmers are able to provide those throughout our state and around the world with top quality potatoes. Below are some of photos that highlight these various tours.



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