2013 Potato Growing Contest Comes to a Close

Aug 30, 2013

Since April the staff here at the Washington State Potato Commission has been participating in their annual potato growing contest. Each staff member has the opportunity to show just how good they are at growing potatoes. However, in an effort to simulate what potato growers experience in the real world each participant must commit to one of the following agreements at the begining of the season:

• Frozen processing contract

• Dehydration contract

• Fresh contract

• The open market contract

Each contract provides a different pricing structure as well as quality and size provisions. Everyone plants a seed piece in a plastic planter and the only rule is that you have to keep your seed and plants in the pot throughout the season. The rest is up to each participant to do what they think will help them grow the best crop.


So what does the winner get…..Plenty of bragging rights and their name on the coveted WSPC best staff grower plaque.


Verla has proven to be the dominant force in years past. While Chris and Matt each had their own lucky year. As this season progressed it was tough to tell who might have the upper hand. Although early on it was easy to see that one grower was having trouble keeping up with the rest.


At the end of the growing season all of the potatoes are harvested, graded and weighed to see who brings home the biggest return based on the contract they selected and their planter totals getting multiplied out to an acre of coverage.


Yesterday was harvest and as you can see some did a better job than others with their yields. Some were even ashamed to show their face after their growing season.


In the end Jordan was crowned champion of the 2013 WSPC growing contest.



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